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Kasart-Alley is dedicated to the highest principles in both commerce, and artistic expression. As an illustrator, I have always seen art as a service. It is the artist's responsibility and yes, the artist's angst, to see the world through the eyes of others. Artist's have sometimes carried the stereotype of self important or self serving but listening deeply enough to flesh out the vision of another requires a certain selflessness. Making art of any kind requires a degree of wearing one's heart on the sleeve, and that is the challenge. This is not to make the artist a hero or a martyr, the artist is just doing what she/he is inclined to do and studied to do.
Seeing the fruition of an inspiration, whether it is ones own or anothers, is not unique to the writer or the painter or the heavenly french chef; it is the common result of creativity that they all share. We must keeps going in this ritual during
 a techological age.
All of the arts are intertwined.I'm listening to the radio and a song and it is saying "I'm livin' my life like it's golden, golden . . .' Art is what keeps us alive and seeing the 'golden'.






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with this closing thought . . .

Take the time to dream!

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